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Dog Training, Behavioural Advice, and Expert Witness Services.


Orion Dog Services provides training, behavioural advice, and expert witness services to the public, private sector, and legal profession. 


Mike holds both a Level 6, (degree level), Advanced Diploma with Distinction in Canine Behaviour, and a Level 5, (foundation degree level), Diploma as a Dog Behaviour Practitioner.  He is a professional member of the Dog Welfare Alliance


Having been involved with many cases ranging from minor injury to the most serious, Mike as an independent forensic canine behaviourist, is able to provide a forensic analysis of all dog related incidents and accepts instructions from both defence and prosecution.


Mike will conduct assessments of dogs believed to be in breach of S.1 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and will incude a behavioural report to assist clients in having their dog placed on the Index of Exempted Dogs. Where events lead to allegations of a dog being in breach of S.3 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Dog Dangerously Out of Control, Mike will conduct a thorough investigation of all the circumstances and produce a report for clients.


He has a vast experience of working within the court system, and calling on that experience, is able to assist the legal profession and provide courts with alternative options to destruction. 


Orion Dog Services was founded following Mike Barnett's retirement from the Police Service after a successful career lasting over thirty years. He served the second half of his career on the dog section, and was widely recognised as the lead expert on dangerous dogs, prohibited breeds, and dog legislation for Warwickshire Police.




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