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Orion Dog Services provides a number of different expert services to meet your needs.


To discuss your requirements please call:


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Identification of dogs prohibited under Section 1 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.


Behavioural Examinations for both Section 1 & Section 3 Dogs​​​.


S.3 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, 'Dog Dangerously Out of Control', a forensic investigation of the incident that has caused an injury can be undertaken followed by a behavioural assessment and home visit. 


Forensic Canine Investigations, a full incident investigation can be undertaken and reports for litigation completed.


Assessments for Social Services in connection with fostering, adoption, and child minding.


Expert assessment on the appropriate use of Police Dogs, tracking evidence, and property location.


Visits and advice in conjunction with Housing Association Officers to properties where dog issues exist.


For Further information on any of the above, advice and costs, please contact us.


Creating a Safer Environment for People and Dogs

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